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Brussels, Belgium 1 Day Travel Tips

Updated: May 17


Mussels in Brussels! Oh my! Not only is Brussels famous for their meaty mussels but it is the epicenter of several other tasty treats. There's not much to see in Brussels so I recommend coming for the food. Most of the sites are near the main square Grand Place de Bruxelles. All of the beautiful buildings located here make it worth an enjoyable walk. If you have 2-3 days to spare then I recommend making a trip out to Ghent or Bruges.


Airport to City Center-From Brussels Zaventem airport there are two options. The 12 or 21 bus or the train. The bus will take you to the city center with a connection needed for around 6 EUR. I took the train, which I found to be very efficient. Articles I read said it would be 12.50 EUR but I only paid 8 EUR. There is a non-stop train to the city center which takes about 10 min. Otherwise, with stops it's about 35 min.

Unlimited Metro Pass-If staying outside of the city center I recommend picking up this pass. There's a 24, 48 and 72 hour pass. Check out the link for prices and schedules.

Accommodation: If traveling solo and not afraid to stay at a hostel then I recommend staying at the Meininger. They also offer private rooms if staying in a shared room is not your jam. My most recent trip I had a travel companion so we stayed at hotel Thon, which was a 10 min walk from the main square. It was a cute retro hotel and I would stay there again.

Things to Do/See:

  • Place Royale (Royal Palace)-Be sure to check their hours of operation before visiting.

  • Mannekin Pis-The story behind this little squirt is that during the war a child had defused a bomb by peeing on it, so now town parades him around the square. He has his own little spot and has a different outfit for everyday of the year. Mannekin Pis also has a sister, Jannekin Pis, who is located near the bar Delerium and a dog named Zinneke Pis, who I have yet to find.

  • Antomium-

  • Mini Europe-

  • Grand Place de Bruxelles-Main square filled with shops and restaurants

  • Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula


  • Mussels

  • Belgian Fries-Try with mafia sauce

  • Chocolate

  • Beer-Check out Delerium located in the main square. They have over 1,500 beers on tap.

  • Belgian Waffles-There are several toppings to chose from. In my opinion, I think the best option is an old fashioned waffle with caramelized sugar. Belgians call this the "Liege waffle".

Restaurant Recommendations:

  • La Marée Brussels-Affordable Michelin Star restaurant. Need to try their solé and mussels.

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