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St. Thomas USVI 7 Day Travel Tips

Updated: May 17

View from Paradise Point

The Caribbean to the east coast is like Hawaii for those on the west coast. It's a quick flight away and as soon as you land you're greeted with a big island welcome (shots included). St. Thomas is my old stomping ground. I've been coming to St. Thomas every year since 2011 up until the recent hurricane, which damaged some surrounding areas around my timeshare. It's a great place to relax and if you feel as if you've seen it all you can always take the ferry to BVI or St. John.

Helpful website:


If driving on the left side of the road doesn't scare you then I highly recommend renting a car. It will save you money in the long run. For a week long car rental it will cost you between 350-400 USD. Budget and Hertz are the only car rentals that are located onsite at the airport. Otherwise, you will need to take the shuttle, cab or walk to the offsite rental locations. The cab prices are fixed and set by the government. These prices can be found online and I'll provide the link below. St. Thomas also has safari trucks. They're mainly used by the locals but tourists can use them too. Basically, they're a red covered truck with benches in the truck bed. You can hop on these from the main street and cost is between 1-3 USD. Another thing to note that when driving and a local honks at you, they're honking to tell you they're letting you go. They're not honking to be rude.


I recommend staying over in Red Hook, which is on the east side of the Island. It's away from the hustle and bustle of Charlotte Amalie , which can be overrun by the tourists getting off of the cruise ships. There's plenty of restaurants, beaches and it is close to the ferry. If possible try to book a room with a kitchen. Food is expensive on the island and having a kitchen is a life saver. I learned this the hard way the first time I came to St. Thomas. Breakfast can cost you 15 USD a plate. I now pack a suitcase full of non perishables and buy the rest from the grocery store. If I have any food left over at the end of the trip I donate it to the locals.

  • Sugar Bay-All inclusive resort

  • The Ritz

  • Eylsian

  • Secret Harbor Beach Resort

  • Marriott's Frenchman's Cove

  • Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

Things to do/see:

  • Take the ferry to BVI or St. John-If you have a rental car take it with you on the car barge. It's 50 USD round trip and again will save you money (price is per car). Here's the breakdown without rental car: 16.30 round trip per passenger, then if you want to take the safari truck on St John those are actual cab fares and for 3 people it cost us 30 USD to get from the ferry dock to Trunk Bay round trip.

  • Cable Car to Paradise Point-Famous for their bushwacker drink

  • Charlotte Amalie-This is the main town in St. Thomas and you can shop to your hearts desire. (shops are only open if the cruise ships are docked)

  • Mountain Top-Famous for their banana daiquiri and the best souvenir shop on the island. The views from the deck are amazing.

  • Snorkel Adventure-I recommend booking with New Horizons. Trip is all inclusive. Contact info: 800-808-7604 or 340-775-1171

  • Coral World-located at Coki Beach

Restaurant Recommendations:

  • Hook Line and Sinker-Location: Frenchtown. This is my favorite for fine dining. Try their stuffed or almond crusted yellowtail snapper and scallops. Doug is their chef and cooks up some amazing dishes.

  • The Twisted Cork-Location: Frenchtown. Try their Lionfish and Chips.

  •  Pasta Go Go-Location: Charlotte Amalie. Their pasta is made fresh daily and is only 6 USD a bowl. Their sandwiches are good too.

  • Duffy's Love Shack-Location: Red Hook. Best for happy hour.

  • The Tap & Still-Location: Red Hook. 6 USD burgers

  • Rosa's-Location: Near Charlotte Amalie. Good for local cuisine.

  • La Fuentes-Location: Near the airport. Good for local cuisine.

  • Red Roti Bus-Location: Near Smith Bay. Famous for their Roti. Love their salsa. The owner was so nice and he bottled me up some salsa for me to take home.


Beaches housed by the resorts are public beaches and anyone can have access to them, so please be respectful of their facilities.

  • Magens Bay-Entrance fee: 5 USD per person. Was once voted the world's #1 one beach. Personally, not my favorite

  • Coki Beach-5 USD for parking or if you park down the road you can walk to the beach. The parking is located behind some locals houses and my first time there I thought they were trying to scam me for paying to park there but the locals that come out to collect the money do actually work for the beach. Best snorkeling on the island and there's public restrooms with showers as well as some local restaurants.

  • Hull Bay-free parking and has a beach bar and grill

  • Lindbergh Bay Beach-free

  • Lindquist Beach-5 USD per person.

  • Sugar Bay Resort

  • The Ritz

  • Marriot's Frenchman's Cove

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