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The Gold Coast 4 Day Travel Tips


G'day mate and welcome to my Gold Coast blog or as the Sydneysiders call it, "the rich version of Miami" and I'd have to say, they're not far off. I visited in March, which is nearing the end of their summer but don't get me wrong, it was still hot. The main reason for making this trek was to visit a friend who we had met back in Thailand and of course to see Australia's finest animals, the kangaroos and koalas.

Transportation: Airport to City Center

Airport Bus 777

Cost: 5 AUD

If not renting a car, the most affordable way to get from the airport to city center is by taking the airport bus to Broadbeach, which you'll then connect to the tram. While visiting Sydney, I was able to tap and go everywhere with my debit card. Learned the hard way, the shuttle bus from the airport is the only transportation that does not have a tap and go service and needed to purchase a ticket before getting on. Luckily, the driver allowed me to pay in cash.

Tram transfer from Broadbeach to City Center

Cost: Varies depending on point of destination but will be between 1.45 AUD - 4 AUD

Once you get to Broadbeach, you can purchase a reloadable tram card and top it off as you go.

Rental Car:

Cost: $58 USD per day

Company: Enterprise in Surfers Paradise

I recommend renting a car for 1-2 days to get outside of town.

Where I Stayed: Club Wyndham Crown Towers (Tram Stop - Cypress Ave)

Cost: I used my Timeshare points.

This hotel is a ~5 min walk to the beach and ~10 min walk to city center. There's a pool bar and restaurant on site.

Day 1: Broadbeach and City Center Exploring

There wasn't much to Day 1. I spent most of the day tootling around Broadbeach and the City Center, which consisted mostly of shops and restaurants. If you want less of the "touristy" feel, then I would recommend Broadbeach.

Where I ate: Little Bali Street Food

Cost: $$

I got the Bali Special which was $24.50 AUD ($16.69 USD)

Day 2: Coombaabah Nature Reserve

If you want to get up close and personal with nature, then Coombabah is the place. Coombabah is located 30-40 minutes outside of the Gold Coast, which I ended up getting a rental car for. There are several hiking trails to explore, so bring some good walking shoes and plenty of water.

Cost: Free

Duration: 2hrs

Helpful Tip: There are no restrooms on site, so be sure to go before you arrive.

Day 3: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Duration: All day

Hours of Operation: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily

Drive Time: 40 min from hotel

Cost: General Admission $49.95 AUD ($34.05 USD)

Be sure to check out the encounter section. I chose to do Brekkie with the Koalas for $99 AUD ($67.48 USD), which includes the cost of general admission. This was an hour long experience, which the trainers walk around with the koalas, provide a brief description and allow for a few pats while you're having breakfast. They were also allowing tables to take turns going into their enclosure at take pictures. This experience also included a photo with a koala.

The Tasmanian Devils were one of my favorite to watch

Where I ate: Mr. Hizolas in Burleigh Heads (Local Recommendation)

Cost: $-$$

I went with their lunch of the day for $20 AUD ($13.60 USD) This place was really good and would definitely eat here again.

Pie Pie

Cost: $

Great meat pies. (I punctured a hole in mine before I took the photo. Face slap!)

Day 4: Natural Bridge and Tamborine Mountain

Natural Bridge (Local Recommendation)

Cost: Free

Duration: 1-2 hrs

Drive Time: ~40 min

Helpful Tip: I recommend visiting at dusk or closer to dark so that you can see the glow worms

Tamborine Mountain

Duration: 2-3 hours

This is a cute mountain town and had I known about it earlier, I would have booked my accommodation here. The main visit for visiting, I was hoping to catch a glimpse of a platypus but sadly no luck.

*Special thanks to our good mate, Cameron, who provided us with his local recommendations and hospitality.

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