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Positano, Italy 4 Day Travel Tips

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Buongiorno and welcome to my Positano blog. Positano has got to be one of my favorite places to visit. The breathtaking views just makes you feel so much peace and serenity. Positano is a hill town and with that being said, there are several steps to climb to get around but don't be discouraged. If taking the steps are too difficult, there is a local bus that will get you from point A-Z or you can walk the main street and skip most of the steps.

View from Le Sirenuse

How to get to Positano:

There are several different ways to get to Positano. If you get car sick easily, I would suggest NOT riding the bus through the winding streets. Instead, take the ferry from the port of Napoli or Sorrento.

From Roma: 4 hours

  • Frecciarossa Train from Roma Termini to Naploli Centrale aka Piazza Garibaldi Station - Tickets can be purchased from and if purchased 30 days in advance, you can get a discounted fare. I paid about 16 euros for a one way ticket to Napoli. If booking last minute, the tickets can range anywhere between 30-60 euros.

From Napoli: 2 hours

  • Circumvesuviana Train to Sorrento - This is the local inner city train, which can be bit of a mad dash to get on. Unless you're the first one to board the train, getting a seat will be very unlikely. Tickets can be purchased at the booths inside the Napoli Train station. Just follow the signs directing you to Circumvesuviana. A one-way ticket to Sorrento is 3.90 euros and you'll take the train to last stop. Ride time is about 1.5 hours. If you have time there is a stop for Pompei.

  • Campania Express Train to Sorrento -This is a new addition to get to Sorrento and was created just for tourists. This train runs from April through October and is 8 euros one-way. You have the option to purchase tickets online and you are guaranteed a seat.

From Sorrento: 1 hour

  • Sita bus to Positano -The Circumvesuviana and Campania trains both end at the Sita Bus Station. Bus tickets can be purchased on the lower level and the cost one-way is 2.90 euros. Ride time is 50 minutes give or take with traffic. There are two Sita bus stops in Positano. The first stop is Chiesa Nuova. Not too many people get off at the first stop, so If you need to get off there, be sure to hit the stop button on the bus. Positano Sponda is the main stop, which is the second stop.

  • Helpful Tips -When traveling by Sita throughout the Amalfi Coast, be sure to purchase your ticket from the Tabacchi Shops. You will be unable to purchase a ticket from the bus driver. I've seen so many people turned away for not having a ticket. Also, if traveling early morning, be sure to purchase your ticket the night before because the Tabacchi Shops do not open early.

Transportation: Positano Inner City

Positano has a local bus called Positano Interno and has several stops. You can catch this from both the Sita bus stops and the cost per ride is 1.60 euros. Unlike the Sita, these tickets may be purchased from the driver.


The most affordable options in Positano are Bed and Breakfasts. If you plan to stay at a hotel, you'll be spending anywhere between 300-500 euros a night. I highly recommend staying at Casa Cosenza. The rooms book quickly, so if wanting to stay here you'll want to book months in advance.

Things to do/See:

  • Path of the Gods

  • Day trip to Amalfi

  • Day trip to Capri - Ferry tickets for Positano Jets can be purchased online via and cost each way is 19.50 euros. If purchased online, be sure to stop at the booth in morning to get your printed ticket.

  • Grotta dello Smeraldo

  • Spiaggia (Beach) - There are a few beach clubs that offer a free boat ride from the pier in Positano: Bagni d' Arienzo Beach Club and Da Adolfo. Reservations are required for both.

  • Shopping

  • Have custom sandals made - I recommend Rallo Antonio or La Botteguccia

Restaurant Recommendations:

  • C'era una Volta - My new fave. I ate there twice and they offer a complimentary ride to and from the restaurant. (Reservations required)

  • Chez Black - Try their sea urchin pasta

  • Casa e Bottega - Great breakfast spot

  • Da Adolfo - (Reservations required and must be done over the phone)

  • Il Ritrovo - Was recommended by our BNB host

  • Latteria - Local deli that offers breakfast and lunch. Their polpo (octopus) salad is amazing.

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