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Los Cabos, Mexico 7 Day Travel Tips

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

The Tale of two Cabos:

There are two sides of Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, which is well known to most tourists as being the life of the party and San Jose del Cabo, the lesser known Cabo, has a huge art district. Both are equally great in their own way. I personally prefer San Jose del Cabo as I'm not into the whole party scene but to each their own.

Transportation: Airport to Hotel

There is a bus that will take you to either of the Cabos and from there you will need to either get an Uber or a taxi, or depending on budget, you could also just take an Uber/Taxi from the airport. Some hotels provide a hotel shuttle, so be sure to look into that as well. We chose to get a rental car since we had some excursions planned and I didn't want to be on anyone else's schedule.

Rental Car: Cost for 7 days - $211.48 (taxes and fees included)

Driving Tips:

How to use the roundabout in Cabo:

Maneuvering a roundabout in Cabo is much different than in the states. In Cabo, if you're already in the circular section of the roundabout and if another car is approaching, depending on which vehicle is closer to the intersection will be the one who will need to stop first. This also appeared to be an every other car situation too.

Parking on the street:

  • White Curb = Parking allowed

  • Red Curb = No parking

  • Green Curb = Business use


There are several options to choose from off the hotel zone in San Jose del Cabo and most are pretty swanky, which means it will come with a cost. Luckily, for me, I have a Timeshare based right outside of downtown San Jose del Cabo, so I made sure to make the most of it.

Helpful Tip: There are several hotels that have beach access, however, it's recommended to NOT swim in the Sea of Cortez due to its strong undertow. Even if you're a strong swimmer, you may want to think again. Be sure to locate which beaches are safe for swimming.

Where I stayed: WorldMark Coral Baja

Cost: 7000 Timeshare points

The average Joe - ~$250-$350 a night


  • Daily pool activities

  • Happy Hour from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

  • Gym

  • 3 restaurants on site

  • Pharmacy

  • Convenience Center

Grocery Shopping:

Depending on your accommodation, you may have the opportunity to save on a few meals by staying in and cooking. The resort staff recommended La Comer since it was within walking distance from our Timeshare but their prices were ridiculously high, even for Mexico standards. For example, one jug of orange juice was almost $10 USD. I think this was a scam for those staying at the Timeshare and not having a vehicle, because there were several vendors set up to hit people up for excursions while they were leaving the store. About 5 min further down the road, there is a Walmart, which has much better prices.

Cabo San Lucas

For this trip, I had several lounge days, so rather than doing a daily breakdown of what I did, I'm going to break it down by what to do and where to go. Day one I decided to head down to Cabo Wabo and not even seconds from walking up, lo and behold Sammy Hagar is driving off the lot. I got to chatting with a regular and apparently Sammy is known to make an appearance 2-3 times a year and that he was coming back that night to play a free show. I literally stayed the entire afternoon since I was advised parking would be limited. Needless to say, I had a prime spot.

How to get to the Arch:

There are several cruise companies that offer sunset cruises, which some turn out to be a party boat. If you walk the marina there are several water taxis that will take you to the arch and back for $10 USD PP. Some taxis will have an extra attendant on the boat to take your picture and explain the history, trying to make some extra cash. #thehustleisreal

Where I ate in Cabo San Lucas:

Cost: $$-$$$

Los Tacos May (try the corazón (heart) taco)

Cost: $

Restaurant Recommendations:

The Office -Unfortunately, this was closed during my stay but I've heard great things.

Todos Santos

Drive time from San Jose del Cabo: 1 hr

Time spent: 6 hrs

The song, Hotel California, made famous by the Eagles, is not in reference to Hotel California located in Todos Santos. Unfortunately, I was not aware of that until after I had visited. (That's what I get for letting my hubs plan a day. whoops!) Either way, it was still cool to check out. This quaint town is lined with boutique shops from local artisans and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Cost: Free to walk around and is still a functioning hotel

Tequila's Sunrise Bar & Grill:

Cost: $$ - $$$

Sticking with the Eagles theme, located directly across from Hotel California was Tequila's Sunrise, so I had to check that out. They're famous for their Margarita Damiana and trust me, you only need one. Oofta!

Where I ate:

Cost: $8.45 USD PP (All you can eat breakfast buffet)

If you want to try some local cuisine but not sure what to try, then this is your place. There were several options to choose from and definitely try the Mexican coffee, which has a hint of cinnamon.

Cerritos beach

Drive time: 10 min outside of Todos Santos

Cost: $5 USD parking


  • Toilets

  • Bar & Grill

Cerritos beach hosts a major surfing competition every year, so if you're looking to catch some waves then this is your beach. Also, a great spot to chillax.

Drive Time: 2.5 hrs from San Jose del Cabo (close to La Paz)

Cost: $7 USD PP

Hours of Operation: 8am -12 & 1pm - 5pm

Amenities: Toilets

Playa Balandra is a protected beach and they only allow up to 400 visitors per day (200 per provided times). The key is to arrive early as there are limited palapas and you'll definitely want some shade if you plan to spend some time there. Since there are no amenities on site, I would recommend packing a cooler with some snacks and beverages. What's cool about this beach is that the water is only waist deep. You can literally walk out to the middle and the depth does not change. PS, my photos do not do this place justice whatsoever.

Playa El Tecolote

Location: 5 min drive from Playa Balandra

If you need a bite to eat after visiting Playa Balandra, Playa El Tecolote has 2-3 restaurants on site. It wasn't as overcast once I arrived to this location, so I enjoyed this beach much more.

San Jose del Cabo

There's so much to love about San Jose del Cabo. From their vibrant art district to their picturesque views of the coast, they have plenty to offer. If you're worried about not having the night life like Cabo San Lucas, don't be. San Jose del Cabo can still satisfy your thirst, just without the touristy drunks.

Art Walk:

Thursdsays from 5pm - 9pm

There are several local artisans and street food stalls

The Hotel Zone:

There are some extravagant looking hotels lined up along the coast. Some are worth strolling through if looking to by some time.

Where I ate:

Sardina Cantina (literally the best breakfast burritos)

Cost: $249 MXN pesos ($13 USD)

Mamma Mia:

Cost: $$ - $$$

Location: On site at WorldMark Coral Baja (anyone can access)

Taqueria El Fogon

Cost: $ - $$

A good hole-in-the-wall taco spot. Their al pastor tacos are delish.

Tacos Rossy

Cost: $ - $$

Try their tacos gobernador or baja tacos

Cost: $$$ - $$$$

Location: San Jose del Cabo & Cabo San Lucas

Best for fine dining and one of my favorite meals on the trip

The End

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