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Bangkok, Thailand 16 Hours Travel Tips

Updated: May 17

My experience in Bangkok was not the greatest. I had built up so much high expectations based on watching several vlogs (video logs) thinking I would have the same experience, but not so much. I felt as if I kept being bamboozled with prices, which don't get me wrong I love a good barter, but in Bangkok it's on a whole nother level. I also felt as if I was starring in my own version of Broke Down Palace. For Example, I had asked the lobbyist if I could store my bag for a few hours before I leave to catch the train. They had told me to place my bag by the couch, which was near the entrance of the hotel. I assumed whomever was storing the bags would pick it up and place it in a secured location, so I did what the the lobbyist had suggested and left to pick up my train tickets. I was speaking with the ticket agent and mentioned the bag situation, which they thought to be unusual. I was feeling a little uneasy and rushed back over to the hotel and sure enough my bag was still sitting out in the middle of the lobby. I asked the lobbyist if they could store my bag in a secured area in which they replied, "Nothing is free. If you want to secure your bag you have to pay 20 baht", which I had no problem doing had they given me that option to begin with. I'm willing to give Bangkok a second chance, but I honestly don't think you need more than 24-48 hours in the city.

Transportation: Airport to Hotel

I recommend taking a taxi and do be sure the car is clearly marked as "taxi". If you don't want to pay a premium, ask the driver to turn the meter on. I have heard stories of drivers saying the meter is broken and if that is the case go to a different vehicle. The ride should cost somewhere between 525-570 baht, which will also include road tolls.


Despite the bag issue, I do recommend staying @Hua Lamphong. Especially if you're leaving the following day from Hua Lamphong Train Station, which is an easy 5 minute walk from the hotel. The cost of the hotel was only 20 USD for a private room.

Train Tickets:

If traveling to Northern Thailand by train I recommend the following options for purchasing your ticket/s.

  • Hua Lamphong Train Station: If making a last minute decision you can always purchase from the train station. However, seating maybe be limited.

  • 12GO Asia: I purchased my tickets through this site, which I found to be very user friendly. If purchased in advance you can have the tickets mailed to you or you can pick them up from the agency, which is a 5 minute walk from the train station.

Things to do/see:

  • The Grand Palace

  • Wat Arun (The Temple of the Dawn)

  • Yaowarat (China Town)

  • Wat Pho (reclining Buddha)

  • Khao San Road

  • Floating Market (if staying 24+ hours)

  • Chatuchak Weekend Market

Side Notes:

It is very hot and humid in Thailand. Do be sure to drink plenty of water and have plenty of water on you. As much as you would like to wear cooler clothing, please be respectful when entering the temples (wats). I would recommend purchasing a sarong, because if you don't have one you will get turned away if wearing a skirt or shorts that are at the knee or shorter. Same goes if wearing tank tops. I would suggest wearing a t-shirt or bringing a shawl.

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