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Isla Mujeres 5 Day Travel Tips

Hola and welcome to my Isla Mujeres blog. With 2020 being a damper on travel for most of the world, Mexico has opened it's doors to welcome travelers. With that being said, they have been taking extreme precautions to ensure their community and travelers are safe while doing so. They are mandating masks and before entering any facility there are shoe and hand sanitizing stations . Temperature checks were also being done. When no one was around I would take off the mask for some quick photo opps and of course while we were eating. Otherwise, the mask was worn at all times.

Currency: Pesos & USD

I would suggest using pesos rather than USD if possible due to the exchange rate being higher when using USD.

Getting through the Cancun airport:

While passport control was a breeze, watch out for the "alley of sharks". After you pick up your bags there are booths set up and companies hitting you up for excursions. JUST KEEP WALKING!

Transportation: Cancun Airport to Ultramar Ferry

I highly recommend hiring a driver rather than taking a taxi from the airport and from Ultramar Ferry. The taxi rates are double the cost. I used Cancun Shuttle and the cost one-way was $25.41 USD. The driver was waiting for us upon arrival and had a sign with our names on it.

Daily transportation while on Isla Mujers:

If staying in Playa Norte everything is easily accessible by walking. The main mode of transportation on the island are golf carts and scooters. There are several golf cart companies to chose from and be sure to read their reviews. I went with Ppe's Golf Cart Rentals and they were super friendly and were very accommodating with us. Renting is not cheap. We paid about 400 USD for 5 days and if you're a day tripper the daily rate is 60 USD. There are also taxis available which to get from Playa Norte to Punta Sur the cost is only 5 USD.

Ultramar Ferry:

Tickets can be purchased at the dock and they are sold to tourists as round trip, so be sure to save your ticket. Cost round trip is 300 MXN (15.00 USD). While waiting to dock you can sit at the bar and have a drink.

Where I stayed: Hotel La Joya Isla Mujeres

  • Cost for 5 night stay was $474.50 USD

  • Breakfast was served daily on our balcony

  • Private beach access

Things to do/See:

  • Whale Shark Snorkeling: Whale shark season runs from mid May to mid September. This is a must do while on the island. I had booked with Sea Hawk Divers and from the time they picked me up until they had dropped me off they went above and beyond my expectations.

  • Tortugranja: This sea turtle sanctuary lets you get up close and personal with the little guys.

  • Dolphin Discovery: If you want a dolphin encounter then this is your place. Be sure to check their site for 2 for 1 deals.

  • Guadalupe Chapel

  • Iglesia Del Sagrado Corazon

  • Casa De Crayola

  • Punta Sur

  • Playa Norte

  • Women's Beading Cooperative

  • Hotel Belo Beach Club

Where I ate:

  • Restaurant La Lomita: Famous for their chili rellenos

  • Playa Lancheros: You can try the local fish of Isla Mujeres, Tikinxic. It takes 50 min to prepare so take your time relaxing on the beach.

  • Fish & Gin: Best for fine dining

  • Restaurant Viñales Grill: If you've never had octopus try it here. It's sautéed in a garlic sauce and cooked to perfection. I ate here twice.

  • Al Natural: Best al pastor tacos on Playa Norte.

  • Playa Norte Street Taco Stand: This lady has been serving up tacos in the same spot for over 30 years. This taco stand can be found two blocks down from Al Natural in a dirt lot.

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