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Your Guide To Spontaneous Weekend Getaways!

Welcome to, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content for like minded travelers. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps will ignite your own travel passions as well.

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Positano, Italy 4 Day Travel Tips

Buongiorno and welcome to my Positano blog. Positano has got to be one of my favorite places to visit. The breathtaking views just...

Lima, Peru 2 Day Travel Tips

If Lima isn't on your list for top foodie destinations then it needs to be. Hands down it's in my top 5-10 places to visit for food. ...

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) 2 Day Travel Tips

Transportation: Airport to City Center I highly recommend taking Bus 109. It's only 1 USD and will take you to the city center...

Oahu 7 Day Travel Tips

Aloha! If traveling to Oahu I recommend getting off the beaten path. Please don't confine yourself to Waikiki as there are so many...

Bangkok, Thailand 16 Hours Travel Tips

My experience in Bangkok was not the greatest. I had built up so much high expectations based on watching several vlogs (video logs)...

Barcelona, Spain 2 Day Travel Tips

Barcelona, the heart of Catalonia has so much to offer. Home of Antoni Gaudi, tapas and sangria are just a few things to mention....

Aruba 2 Day Travel Tips

Aruba, the Dutch island has two sides...There's the west side of the Island which consists of your typical high-end resorts, restaurants...

Bogota, Colombia 1 Day Travel Tips

When I first told friends I was traveling to Bogota they were scared. Let me tell you, there is nothing to be scared of. Despite...

Venice, Italy 2 Day Travel Tips

Transportation: Airport to the heart of Venice 2 options: Airport shuttle bus (ACTV)+ water bus(Vaporetto) or the Alilaguna, the direct...

Santiago, Chile 2 day Travel Tips

Before leaving the airport grab your map of the metro. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to look for a map at the metro station...

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